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Hospital preparedness in Nebraska: A pandemic influenza survey

Matthew Smith, BA, Philip W. Smith, MD


Because hospital response to pandemic influenza is a critical component of preparedness, the authors performed a survey of hospitals in Nebraska to assess pandemic influenza preparedness. An anonymous 15- question survey was sent electronically to all 85 hospitals in Nebraska in November 2008 and 48 hospitals (56.5 percent) responded. A large majority of Nebraska hospitals have a pandemic influenza plan (n  = 41/48, 85.4 percent), and have begun stockpiling materials (n  = 44/47, 93.6 percent). Most have established contact with local public health (n  = 42/47, 89.4 percent), and in fact reported that their communication with public health has improved as a result of pandemic influenza planning (n  = 39/46, 84.8 percent). This survey illuminates current progress and areas for potential improvement in pandemic influenza planning by Nebraska hospitals.


hospital, preparedness, pandemic influenza

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