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Social support for terror-related victims: The Israeli system

Eytan Ellenberg, MD, PhD, Jacob Sasporte, LLB, Zvia Bar-on, MD, MHA, Rolland Sfez, LLD, Osnat Cohen, Mark Taragin, MD, MPH, Ishay Ostfeld, MD, MHA


Since its foundation, the State of Israel has been affected by terror violence toward its civilian population. For more than 45 years, the Israeli legislation has built a legal insurance allowing citizens casualties of such violence to benefit from specific coverage and support. The objective of this article is to describe the history, legal framework, and organization of social support for terror victims in Israel.


terrorism, terror victims, support, disability, legal, Israel

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Victims of Hostilities Law, 5730 - 1970. Compensation and Rehabilitation Law, 5719 - 1959.



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