Extending the emergency management toolbox with problem-based cases

Hilda Blanco, PhD, Shishir Mathur, PhD


Emergency management (EM) agencies throughout the United States use several types of exercises to train communities and their leaders for disasters. Frequently used exercises are based on the learning-bydoing tradition in educational theory. Many of these exercises, because they engage top leadership over a day or several days, can only be staged infrequently and may not be sufficient to prepare communities or major agencies for disasters. This paper examines other active learning methods, such as case-based or problem-based instruction, as additional education and training tools for EM. In particular, a combination of the case-based and problem-based methods capitalizes on the strengths of both teaching tools. Problembased case instruction provides a useful new method for extending the disaster management toolbox.



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5055/jem.2005.0004


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