Journal of Emergency Management: Announcements <h2>The Most Respected Name in Emergency Management</h2> <p>The <em><strong><span class="italic">Journal of Emergency Management</span> </strong></em>is edited, written, and peer-reviewed by an internationally recognized team of the foremost, hands-on EM experts. They include top professionals from the public and private sectors who offer real-world experience and practical solutions and leading academics who provide perspective and analysis on the latest research and studies. Together, they bring you the most thorough, relevant, and useful source of information on emergency management.</p> <h2><span class="bluetext">The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Yourself and Your EM Team</span></h2> <h4><strong>Published bi-monthly, every issue of the Journal of Emergency <span class="italic">Management</span> is peer-reviewed and packed with invaluable information and insight. Topics include:</strong></h4> <ul> <li>Emergency planning and response</li> <li>Disaster recovery and business continuity planning</li> <li>Emergency preparedness and response legislation</li> <li>Risk management</li> <li>Emergency management today, tomorrow, and in the future</li> <li>Severe weather, flood, and hurricane studies</li> <li>Emergency communications</li> <li>Continuity of operations and infrastructure protection</li> <li>Preparation and evacuation for the disabled</li> <li>Cross-training in emergency management</li> <li>And much more, including a special focus on EM training and higher education</li> </ul> en-US Wed, 24 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0400 OJS 60