Recreational Therapy for the Treatment of Depression in Older Adults:
A Clinical Practice Guideline


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Recreational Therapy for the Treatment of Depression in Older Adults:
A Clinical Practice Guideline

  • types of depression
  • evidence-based practice
  • literature review
  • treatment of depression
  • CEU test
  • individuals more at risk
  • interventions

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ISBN 0-932834-04-3 - Print
ISBN 0-932834-03-5 - Electronic

This important book addresses perhaps the most difficult and often heart breaking challenge you face in your profession: depression in long term care elderly.

Here are the disturbing facts: Depression greatly impairs the functional abilities (read quality of life) of nearly 5 million older Americans! And, debilitating depression rates in long term care facilities have been identified is as many as 30% of patients!

This new guide, written by Professor Linda L. Buettner, PhD, CTRS, LRT and her team of research associates is an important milestone in meeting this challenge in a meaningful and practical way.

Designed for anyone who works with older adults as a clinical, evidence-based practice guideline for the treatment of depression in the elderly, the book is divided into six sections:

  • Section one: Evidenced Based Practice
  • Section two: The Problem
  • Section three: Assessment of Depression in Older Adults
  • Section four: Literature Review
  • Section five: Description of Practice
  • Section six: CEU Test

With Recreational Therapy for the Treatment of Depression in Older Adults: A Clinical Practice Guideline in your professional library, you will now have at your fingertips, the only complete sourcebook on this growing problem available today. You will have a definition of terms. You will have a full description of those individuals most at risk for debilitating depression. You will have in-depth knowledge of the various types of depression. You will have case studies on types of treatment. You will have ways interventions with exercise and activities can be accomplished.

Reader comments

I got my book this morning and by the afternoon, I had a whole new feel for what some of my older patients were going through. Great job!
Recreational Therapist, Dallas, Texas

Your new book on depression in older people fills a real gap for me. Its long overdue. I was especially helped by your discussion of the different types of depression because it taught me what to look for as I work with my patients and gave me new insight on how to approach this growing problem. Thanks!"
Nursing Home Administrator, St. Louis, Missouri

The new book is a Godsend for me. Its the first time Ive seen this condition dealt with in an honest, practical, and straight-forward way. Youve given those of us who see this condition on a daily basis a real tool. Already, its made a big difference in how I relate to my elderly patients. Keep up the good work!
Supervisor, Hospital Recreational Therapy Department, Boston, MA

I work in Florida and most of my patients are elderly or in long-term care. Your new book on depression in the elderly has opened my eyes to this problem in a way that I never had before. Section Five which gives the various options for how we can deal with this problem has made me revamp my way of doing things in a significant way. Thanks for making a difference.
Recreational Therapist, Sarasota, Florida

The new book is wonderful and has influenced the way I schedule the whole activities program for my residents. I recognize things in them and the way they either respond or dont respond to things and other people in a way I never did before. Im recommending to my administrator that the book be made available to key staff members in our facility.
Activity Director, Long Term Care

The is a much needed guide for all of us who are challenged by the depression we see in our elderly patients. Im enclosing a list of people I would like sent copies of this book. Thank you and please thank Dr. Buettner for her important book.
RN, CTRS, San Francisco, CA

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