Nuclear disasters: Current plans and future directions for oncologists


  • Thomas E. Goffman, MD, FACP



nuclear disasters, fission bombs, civilian medical treatment, role for oncologists


Objective: To show that there is a significant role for oncologists in the event of a terrorist nuclear disaster. Professionals need data on current political issues regarding a nuclear attack already put in place by the administration and the military.
Design: Review of what actually occurs during a fission bomb’s explosion helps to point out what medical care will be most needed. The author contends that those trained in the oncologies could play a major part.
Setting: Modern-day America.
Patients: Potential civilian survivors.
Results: Large gaps noted in statewide disaster plans in the public domain.
Conclusion: Oncologists must get involved now in disaster planning; statewide plans are necessary throughout the nation; the public needs to know the basics of what to do in the advent of a nuclear bomb explosion.

Author Biography

Thomas E. Goffman, MD, FACP

Cancer Intelligence and Research, Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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