Effectiveness of the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG) activities in Ukraine





battlefield medicine, Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG), healthcare facilities attacks, surgical response in Ukraine


Objective: Targeting of healthcare infrastructures in Ukraine has served as a tactical warfare strategy. The goal of the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG) is to provide sustainable, high quality medical and surgical care in war zones.

Interventions: GSMSG deployed United States (US) Special Operations veterans and highly specialized licensed medical experts. Training of Ukrainian civilians was implemented.

Results: Over 20,000 Ukrainians trained and over 100 major surgeries performed with assistance of world experts. Specialized medical equipment was also provided.

Conclusion: GSMSG lays the groundwork for effective, high quality, and sustainable surgical interventions into a nation in conflict.

Author Biographies

Aaron Epstein, MD, MA

Resident Physician, Department of Surgery, University of Buffalo/Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo, New York

Francesca Voza, MD

Resident Physician, DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, University of Miami/Jackson Health System, Miami, Florida

Enrique Ginzburg, MD

Professor of Surgery, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami; Trauma Medical Director, Chief of Surgery, Ryder Trauma Center, Jackson South Medical Center, Miami, Florida


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Epstein, A., F. Voza, and E. Ginzburg. “Effectiveness of the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG) Activities in Ukraine”. American Journal of Disaster Medicine, vol. 17, no. 4, July 2023, pp. 273-6, doi:10.5055/ajdm.2022.0442.