Special Issues on Intraosseous Medicine


  • Susan M. Briggs, MD, MPH, FACS


Intraosseous access, Peripheral intravenous, combat casualty care, disaster medicine


Peripheral intravenous (IV) access can be difficult to achieve in critically ill patients who require vascular access in order to administer life-saving blood products, fluids and medications, especially in disasters and combat casualty care. Intraosseous access (IO) has become the standard of care for all medical emergencies, pre-hospital and hospital, when peripheral IV access cannot be rapidly established, and the techniques have been endorsed by multiple professional medical organizations. Research is rapidly expanding, both in the indications for IO, routes of administration, and clinical outcomes of intraosseous administration. The American Journal of Disaster Medicine is pleased to have the opportunity to publish two Special Issues1 focusing on current intraosseous research studies.

Author Biography

Susan M. Briggs, MD, MPH, FACS

Editor, American Journal of Disaster Medicine; Director, International Trauma and Disaster Medicine Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.


Special Issues on Intraosseous Medicine. American Journal of Disaster Medicine. 2016; 11(3): 143-218; 11(4): 219-282.



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