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"As a recreation therapist, I am passionate about improving the lives of those I work with by using leisure, recreation, and activity-based intervention to bring about a functional change. I believe that individuals should have the opportunity to engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment, and that these activities can also be used to promote their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being. I am dedicated to providing individualized care to my clients, taking into account their unique needs, interests, and abilities. Seeing the positive impact that my work can have on my clients' lives brings me immense satisfaction and joy. I am committed to continuing education and staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in the field to provide the highest quality of care. Overall, my passion for recreation therapy comes from a desire to help individuals achieve their goals, regain a sense of purpose and identity, and live their best lives." 

Dear Colleague,


..I am pleased to welcome Dr. Tim Passmore, Ed.D., CTRS/L, FDRT, as our new Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Recreation Therapy (AJRT).


..On behalf of Dr. Passmore, I would like to thank Dr. Allison Wilder, PhD, CTRS/L for her service to the profession in her role as Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Recreational Therapy. Dr. Wilder chose to accept the leadership role after the retirement of Dr. Richardson who had accepted the role of Editor-in-Chief upon the passing of Dr. Linda Buettner who served as the initial Editor-in-Chief and the driving force for the journal.

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..Dr. Passmore accepted the position as Editor-in-Chief of AJRT with the plan to continue the current momentum of the journal and to expand the reach and recognition of the journal as well as the authors who seek publication in AJRT, and, most importantly, as the resource for practitioners to find the latest evidence-based practice in recreational therapy.


..Dr. Passmore is a Professor in Recreational Therapy at Oklahoma State University. He is also the recreational therapy undergraduate coordinator, the graduate coordinator for the Master of Science degree in recreation management and recreational therapy, and the graduate coordinator for the traditional PhD and the online PhD in Health, Leisure, and Human Performance, Leisure Studies option.


..Dr. Passmore has contributed to the profession in various ways. He has served the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) as member at large, secretary, president elect, president, and past president. Dr. Passmore also provides consultation through ATRA for healthcare administrators, practitioners and leaders in Washington DC.


..Dr. Passmore currently serves as the Vice Chair for the Committee on Accreditation of Recreational Therapy Education (CARTE), the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Recreational Therapy Association (ORTA).


..Dr. Passmore has extensive research experience associated with the coverage of recreational therapy by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the use of exercise as a treatment modality, balance interventions, community-based interventions for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and other disorders impacting the human experience.


..Research, education, and most life experiences are built on those who came before us. Moving forward AJRT will continue publishing the most current evidence-based practice studies and theoretical discussions involving the profession while giving thanks to our previous editors and authors!


..We look forward to an exciting future with Dr. Passmore at the helm. More changes are coming to AJRT in the next few months! These include a revamped Editorial Review Board, a new Continuous Publishing Model designed to accelerate the time to publish, enhanced indexing in leading scholarly indices, and webinars to promote the latest research and practice! Stay tuned and welcome Dr. Passmore!


Richard A. DeVito, Jr.


American Journal of Recreation Therapy

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As a leader in recreation therapy, we invite you to share your research, practice, and passion for the field by submitting your work for peer review in the American Journal of Recreation Therapy (AJRT). It is critical to promote advancements in the field and to share your knowledge with others. By sharing your research and experiences, you contribute directly to developing best practices and evidence-based interventions that benefit so many!


American Journal of Recreation Therapy provides a platform for leaders in recreation therapy to share their innovative ideas and approaches with others, leading to better outcomes for clients. Additionally, submitting work to a peer-reviewed journal can elevate the credibility and visibility of the field of recreation therapy and inspire future generations of practitioners and researchers to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Ultimately, by sharing your work through AJRT, practitioners in recreation therapy will make a lasting impact on the field and improve the lives of those they serve.


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Tim Passmore, Ed.D., CTRS/L, FDRT


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