Leisure fitness: A recreation therapy concept design


  • John R. Mikula, MA, CTRS, CSCS, HFS
  • Paul Smith, BS, CTRS, HFS




recreation therapy, leisure fitness, chronic health problems, physical-fitness


This article examines the benefits of the recreation therapy intervention leisure fitness and its potential for positively affecting the health and well being of those with chronic health problems. Working within a wide variety of settings, qualified recreation therapists facilitate a leisure-fitness (LF) process to promote endurance, strength, mobility, and psycho-social well being among consumers. This article provides a practical concept design for the development and implementation of a recreation therapy LF program.

Author Biographies

John R. Mikula, MA, CTRS, CSCS, HFS

Department of the Air Force, Dobbins Air Force Base, Georgia.

Paul Smith, BS, CTRS, HFS

Recreation Therapy, North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System, Gainesville, Florida.


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