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Recreational therapy during a pandemic: Embracing telehealth

Jennifer Piatt, PhD, CTRS, Courtney J. W. Fecske, PhD, CTRS, Jared Allsop, PhD, CTRS, Junhyoung Kim, PhD, CTRS, Tyler Neimeyer, MS, CTRS


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world froze. Simultaneously, there has been a vast growth of online conferences and the increased need for telehealth. The entire nation has struggled with feelings of uncertainty and fear mixed with moments of positivity. At the same time, older adults and people of any age who have underlying health conditions are faced with information from local, national, and international news and health organizations that their lives were at risk. Then, new terms emerged and became part of our daily vocabulary. Stay home. Social distancing. Shelter in place. Essential items. Curbside pick-up. Pandemic. It appears that these words will become part of our everyday vocabulary, forever etched in history books, engrained in our hearts, and the mindset of generations to come.


recreation therapy, pandemic, telehealth

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