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  • Richard A. DeVito, Jr.



buprenorphine, sustained-release


Those words don’t quite cover the time and dedication that our two special issue editors have invested in our Journal of Opioid Management special issue–Buprenorphine: Clinical and Public Policy Implications. From the beginning, Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, MDE, BCPS, CPE and Mellar P. Davis, MD, FCCP, FAACP have been “all in” lending their expertise and wisdom to create a simply outstanding special issue. The countless emails, reviews and advice are greatly appreciated. Truth be told, we are fortunate to have had their sage wisdom and support going back many years across many projects and 8 conferences! Thank you!

Author Biography

Richard A. DeVito, Jr.

Publisher, Journal of Opioid Management, Weston Medical Publishing, LLC, Weston, Massachusetts.


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