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“Vorrei Prendere Il Treno!” (I Want to Take the Train): A narrative about how one Inclusive Recreation Services study abroad course helped students to understand challenges people with disabilities confront while traveling abroad

Alexis McKenney, EdD, CTRS


It was Florida International University's most unusual study abroad course this year. Compared to most study abroad programs that focus on art and culture, the Inclusive Recreation Services course, taught in Miami, FL; Florence, Italy; and Paris, France, focused on challenges people with disabilities confront while traveling. In addition to learning about disability groups, attitudes about disabilities, accessibility and recreation programming, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, this class included a review of, and comparison to, Italian and French disability laws, as well as hands on experiences designed to give students a perspective gained from experiencing challenges associated with accessing buildings, roads, and public transportation in cities with extensive histories. This article provides a description of select learning activities and information learned presented in a narrative format.


study abroad, inclusion, accessibility, disability

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