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Labhsetwar, MD, Sumedha
Lacey, MPH, John (United States)
Ladkany, MD, Diana (United States)
Laha-Walsh, MSW, Kirsten (United States)
Laine, MD, MPH, Christine (United States)
Laisalmi, MD, Merja (Finland)
Lal, MD, Rakesh (India)
Lal, MD, Rakesh, Professor, National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre, Department of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. (India)
Lal, MSc, MBA, Arun (Germany)
Lam, BS, Charlene (United States)
Lam, MHEcon, Annette (Canada)
Landau, MD, Craig (United States)
Lander, MD, Timothy A. (United States)
Lander, MSW, Laura R. (United States)
Landsman-Blumberg, MPH, DrPH, Pamela B. (United States)
Lane, DO, Peter S. (United States)
Lane, PhD, Scott D. (United States)
Lang, PharmD, BCPS, Courtney (United States)
Lange, MD, Allison V. (United States)
Lange, MD, MSc, Bernd (Germany)
Langford, Dale J. (United States)
Langford, PhD, Dale J. (United States)
Lapane, PhD, Kate L., University of Massachusetts Medical School Quantitative Health Sciences 55 Lake Avenue North Worcester, MA 01655 508-856-8965 508-856-8993 (fax) (United States)
Lapane, PhD, Kate L. (United States)
Lapiana, MD, Jean-Marc (France)
Laporte, MD, Dawn (United States)
Lappalainen, MD, PhD, Jaakko (United States)
Larochelle, MD, MPH, Marc R. (United States)
LaRosa, BS, Allyson H. (United States)
Larsen, MD, Morten S. (Denmark)
Larson, PhD, Michael E. M. (United States)
Lashgari, MD, Cyrus (United States)
Lasser, MD, MPH, Karen E. (United States)
Latyshev, MS, Sergey (United States)
Laugsand, PhD-student, Eivor Alette (Norway)
Lauque, MD, Dominique (France)
Laurent, PhD, FNP-BC, Jennifer (United States)
Lavin, MD, Robert (United States)
Lawental, DSW, Eli
Lawental, PhD, Eli (Israel)
Lawler, BS, John (United States)
Lawson, PhD, FAPhA, Kenneth A. (United States)
Layson, DO, James T. (United States)
López, BA, Carolina (United States)
López, BS, Carolina M.
Le, MBBS (Hons), MPH, FRACP, FAChPM, Brian (Australia)
Leader, DrPH, MPH, Amy E. (United States)
Leahy, PharmD, Angela (United States)
LeCates, PhD, Joseph (United States)
Lee, BSc (Hons), GradCertEd (Tertiary), PhD, MAPS, Nicole (Australia)
Lee, MD, Kyung Hee (Korea, Republic of)
Lee, MD, Sun Ah (Korea, Republic of)
Lee, MD, Won Sik (Korea, Republic of)
Lee, MD, MHS, Jiha (United States)
Lee, MD, PhD, John Keun-Sang (Korea, Republic of)
Lee, MD, PhD, Keung (United States)
Lefebvre-Kuntz, MD, Daniele (France)
Leibowitz, BS, Maren K. (United States)
Leider, MD, MBA, Harry L. (United States)
Leifman, MSE, Anders (Sweden)
Leo, MA, MD, Raphael J. (United States)
Leonard, MSN, Cynthia (United States)
Leonard, PhD, Kenneth E. (United States)
LeQuang, BA, Jo Ann (United States)
Lesley, BS, Maggie R. (United States)
Leslie, MD, MBA, John B. (United States)
Lesnik, MD, Ivan K. (United States)
Leukefeld, DSW, Carl G. (United States)
Levantesi, MD, Laura (Italy)
Levenson, MD, James L. (United States)
Levenson, MD, James (United States)
Levi, MD, Jessica R. (United States)
Levin, MD, Frances R. (United States)
Levy, MD-MPH, Ximena (United States)
Levy, PhD, Joseph Victor (Germany)
Levy, PhD, FRCP, Jeremy (United Kingdom)
Levy-Cooperman, PhD, Naama (Canada)
Lew, BSc, Julia (Canada)
Lew, MD Candidate, Julia (Canada)
Lew, MS1, BSc, Julia (Canada)
Lewing, MS, Benjamin (United States)
Lewis, MD, Tamorah (United States)
Lewis, PharmD, Matthew (United States)
Lewis, PhD, John E. (United States)
Leyendecker, PhD, Petra (Germany)
Li, MSc, Kathy (Canada)
Li, PharmD, Robin Moorman (United States)
Li, PhD, Chin-Shang
Li, PhD, Kathy (Canada)
Li, PhD, Xiaoshu (United States)
Liao, MS, Chuanhong (United States)
Licht, MD, Eugene (United States)
Liebschutz, MD, MPH, Jane M. (United States)
Liebschutz, MD, MPH, FACP, Jane M. (United States)
Liew, MB BS (Hons), FRACS, Susan (Australia)
Lilly, PhD, Christa L. (United States)
Lim, MMed, Yvonne (Singapore)
Lim, MPH, Elisabeth (United States)
Lin, BA, Jessica S. (United States)
Lin, MD, Elaina E. (United States)
Lin, PhD, Joanne C. (United States)
Lind, PharmD, MPH, Jennifer N. (United States)
Linden, DrPH, MS, Ariel (United States)
Linder, MD, Steven H. (United States)
Lindhardt, MSc, PhD, DBE, Karsten (United States)
Lindsay, MD, FAAFP, Tammy J. (United States)
Lingenfelter, PharmD, Erin (United States)
Lipkin, MD, Jacob S. (United States)
Lippy, BS, Mitchell W. (United States)
Little, DO, Andy (United States)
Liu, BBiomed, Zhengyang (Australia)
Liu, MD, PhD, Nai-Jiang (United States)
Liu, MS, Hainan (China)
Liu, PharmD, Michelle (United States)
Liu, PhD, Wen (United States)
Lo, PharmD Candidate, Teresa (United States)
Loeber, MSN, APRN-CNP, Carol (United States)
Lofwall, MD, Michelle R. (United States)
Loge, MD, PhD, Jon H. (Norway)
Lollo, PhD, Charles P. (United States)
Lookatch, MA, Samantha (United States)
Lopez, MD, Jose R. (United States)
Lorenz, PhD, Douglas J. (United States)
Lothgren, PhD, Mickael (Switzerland)
Louy, PhD, MD, Charles (United States)
Lovald, PhD, Scott T. (United States)
Lovejoy, PhD, MPH, Travis I. (United States)
Lowinson, MD, Joyce
Lu, MD, Lucy (United States)
Lu, MD, DABPN, DPBPM, Henry (Philippines)
Lu, MS, Yi (United States)
Lubran, MS, Robert (United States)
Lucido, PhD, David (United States)
Luckhoff, MB, ChB, FACEM, Carl (Australia)
Luckritz, PharmD, RPh, Todd (United States)
Ludwig, MD, MPH, PhD, Michelle (United States)
Lundorff, MD, Lena (Sweden)
Lupow, MD, Jason (United States)
Lustman, PhD, Patrick J. (United States)
Lutsky, MD, Kevin F. (United States)
Ly, BPharm, GradCertPharmPrac, Jenny (Australia)
Lyckholm, MD, Laurie (United States)
Lyman, BS, Garrett (United States)
Lynch, PhD, Shau Yu (United States)
Lynskey, PhD, Michael T. (United States)

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