• Webinar: Mental Health and Stressors in Emergency Management - A report from a survey


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    Webinar Series 

    Mental Health in Emergency Management

    Surveying mental health stressors of emergency management professionals:
    Factors in recruiting and retaining emergency managers
    in an era of disasters and pandemics

     November 1, 2023
    1:00 PM Eastern Time (EST)

    Abstract: This 60-minute webinar will address the current state of mental wellness in the emergency management field. Emergency managers (EM) are responsible for managing crises and disasters, and while their work is essential, it can be stressful and impact their mental health and effectiveness as emergency managers. This study aimed to examine the mental health of professional emergency managers and factors associated with their intent to leave the field before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The webinar will present the latest findings from the recent Journal of Emergency Management Stressors and Mental Health Survey and published paper. The webinar will address general and specific stressors and challenges in our profession. The webinar will explore potential changes in how EMs and related fields manage mental health across their disciplines. The webinar will also address organizational culture and other significant factors that affect the recruitment and retention of emergency managers across the field.

    Questions will be taken. Please email your concise question and contact information to: We will try to cover as many questions as possible and get input from our panelists.

    Note: A PDF of the full paper will be sent to all registered attendees during the webinar.

    Keywords: emergency managers, COVID-19, pandemic, disasters, mental health, survey, stressors, professional development, secondary traumatic stress, organizational culture, recruitment, retention

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