COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Special Issues on the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

The following special issues have been published to date. Continuing coverage of the pandemic will merge back into regular JEM issues. 

Special Issue #4

Special Issue #3

Special Issue #2

Special Issue #1

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  The Journal of Emergency Management (JEM) Editorial Review Board invites the submission of original research papers, brief communcations, case studies, etc. supporting a special issue titled Analysis of Pre and Post Disaster Response and Recovery due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

    The special issue will be led by guest editor, Professor Attila Hertelendy, PhD, who has extensive experience as an emergency management and disaster medicine practitioner and an academic researcher. Dr. Hertelendy is joined by current Editor-in-Chief, Dr. William Waugh, Jr., who will team up with a special group of peer-reviewers focused on reviewing research and content as quickly as possible to disseminate real time information to the field.

   As we transcend this global pandemic, our goal is to bring together the complete and comprehensive accounting of the event and its post-mortem. This may include a pre-disaster assessment of the state of preparation as well as any post-disaster response, preparedness, mitigation, and recovery. We expect this to be a comprehensive look at what went wrong and just as important, what went right.

    This special issue will be a must-read for all in emergency management, their associated teams, and partners, and provide a reference work that can be utilized by those in the field. This special issue will be available as a “living issue” and will be updated continuously online as new manuscripts are received. All manuscripts will be processed in the standard JEM double-blinded peer-review process.

    The Journal of Emergency Management invites academics and professionals in private and public organizations to submit papers for this special issue and suggests the following partial list of topics for submission:
•    Current 2022 post-disaster assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic, its populations, businesses, and its “new normal”
    Initial preparations, 2 to 10 years out, 2 years to the event including activities at federal, state, and local levels
•    Initial response at the federal, state, and local levels and their effectiveness on all measures of response
    Political issues and structure contributing to the effectiveness of the response and long-term recovery
•    In what way does COVID-19 impact the profession of EM?
•    Diagnosis and management of mental health issues in the lay population and professionals involved in all aspects of the response
•    Role definition of EM during COVID-19
•    Evaluation of collaboration across sectors as a result of COVID-19
•    Leadership in COVID-19 within the EM ranks
•    Impact on all phases of EM, planning, preparedness, recovery, response
•    Funding implications for EM going forward
•    Application of information systems and technology in EM during COVID-19 response to date
•    Global EM perspectives
•    Innovations in EM as a result of COVID-19
•    Vulnerable populations (disabled, low-income communities)
•    Supply chain considerations
•    Ethical, and moral considerations
•    Capacity building: The ability of EM to handle multiple large-scale events simultaneously such as COVID-19 and a hurricane
•    Pandemic planning: How does this change going forward?
•    Predictive modeling, AI, etc.
•    Perspectives on EM education and competencies (transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches)
•    Command, coordination, and communication considerations
•    Business continuity
•    Pre and post-disaster human behavior and interaction
•    Infrastructure resiliency (energy, water, wastewater, structural) at all levels including critical facilities like hospitals, etc.
•    NGO and volunteer management
•    Technologies to improve disaster response based on lessons learned
•    Management of shelters, special populations, transportation and communication logistics, and education

Submission details: To submit a manuscript, please visit and use the Manuscript Submission link on the journal’s website.  When you submit your paper, please make sure you select the “Special Issue on COVID-19” in the Section/Category of the General Info tab to designate it for this special issue.

Questions? Email us at For personal assistance contact us at 781-899-2702, ext. 114 from 9 am – 4 pm EST.

Important dates:
• Manuscripts will be accepted for review immediately and will continue (tentatively) through Q4/2023.
• Publication Online - immediately after acceptance from peer review, copyediting, pagination, and approvals.
• Print copies available for purchase. Limited advertising will be accepted for this special issue - reserve early.

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