Challenges and cooperation in emergency and disaster risk management: The way forward through COVID-19 and beyond


  • Prathna Bagrath, PhD Candidate
  • Oscar Agbor Ambang, MPharm
  • Harold Walsh, PhD
  • Emma D. Chapman, BBA
  • Roman Tandlich, PhD



infectious diseases


Diseases can be viewed as minor or major perturbations to the normal functioning of the human body. Depending on the level of perturbations and the total number of cases, some outbreaks of infectious diseases can become disasters.

Author Biographies

Prathna Bagrath, PhD Candidate

Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa

Oscar Agbor Ambang, MPharm

Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa

Harold Walsh, PhD

Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa

Emma D. Chapman, BBA

Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa

Roman Tandlich, PhD

Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa; Regional Director for Africa, The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS), Brussels, Belgium


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Bagrath, P., O. A. Ambang, H. Walsh, E. D. Chapman, BBA, and R. Tandlich. “Challenges and Cooperation in Emergency and Disaster Risk Management: The Way Forward through COVID-19 and Beyond”. Journal of Emergency Management, vol. 21, no. 8, July 2023, pp. 9-20, doi:10.5055/jem.0784.