Natural hazards international rescue response mechanism and development trends under UN framework




natural hazard, humanitarianism, international rescue, response mechanism


The international rescue response to natural hazards, which has frequently drawn the attention of the international community, is a very important part of the international humanitarian assistance system. This paper focuses on the international rescue response mechanism, which is under the United Nations (UN) framework, and trends in its development. Referencing the international rescue response mechanism, this paper analyzes the overall characteristics of the humanitarian response mechanism under the UN framework, and its main components, basic procedures, quality guarantee, and support of the international rescue response mechanism. In view of the international rescue development, this paper reviews the development history and the strategic plan from 2021 to 2026. From the authors’ point of view, in the next development period, the international rescue community should pay more attention on building Urban Search and Rescue team’s capacity at different levels and standards, ready to respond to different kinds of disasters with flexible modules, establishing deeper and more extensive partnerships during the preparedness phase. We hope to provide a foundation for broader and deeper discussions in this field.

Author Biographies

Li Li, MS

National Earthquake Emergency Response Support Service, Beijing, China

Zilong Yao, MS

Chaoyang Sihui Fire Fighting Rescue Station, Beijing, China


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