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Emergency mitigation and preparedness in healthcare facilities

Emma Paras, BS, MPH candidate, Robert M. Schwartz, PhD


The city of Akron, Ohio, has four major healthcare facilities: Akron General Medical Center, Summa Akron City Hospital, Summa St. Thomas, and Akron Children’s Hospital. These institutions have implemented the preparedness and mitigative strategies to prepare for hazards affecting the community. Because of the wide population these facilities serve, it is crucial that an effective emergency management (EM) system be in place at each hospital. Archival research and interviews with the emergency managers of each hospital examine the preparedness of these establishments for disasters. Strengths and weaknesses of the EM systems are also discussed and include recommendations on ways to improve shortcomings. This research demonstrates how EM is evolving and improving in one of the most important critical infrastructure of a community.


emergency management, hospitals, healthcare facilities, mitigation, preparedness

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