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The new normal: A catalyst for leadership adaptation in a tumultuous world—Let’s stop applying 20th century solutions to 21st century problems in emergency management

Attila J. Hertelendy, PhD, Eric J. McNulty, MA, Frederick M. Burkle, Jr, MD, MPH, PhD (Hon), DTM, FAAP, FACEP


The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to be one of the most formidable public health challenges in modern history. Amidst the backdrop of new variants of the SARS CoV-2 virus, the pandemic that everyone thought would be over in a year shows little signs of abatement. Concurrently, the emergency management community globally have responded to an unprecedented number of crisis events. From March 2020 to September 2021, there have been sizeable disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes and tropical storms, earthquakes, and flooding. In addition, cyberattacks and terrorist activity have required additional manpower, management resources, and both the talent and funding to adequately study and train differently than we have to date.



COVID-19, pandemic, emergency management

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